"The Trolley"


Our Heritage Murals tell stories; of community, of people, of an era. We make them specific in order to capture what is unique to a given location, giving both residents and visitors a new appreciation for their heritage.

"The Trolley", located in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, is set in the early 1910‘s. Located at 525 Front Street, it evokes the location as it may have appeared a century ago. A trolley stops to pick up passengers. A businessman glances at the viewer as he pauses on his way to work. Mother and daughter approach the train. Workmen take a break from a busy morning. Lovers chat as they head downtown. A group of rowdy men pose on their Model T in a friendly challenge.

This “slice of life” engages the pedestrian on their way to work, making them pause, maybe to ponder how much has changed, and what is eternal.

"The Trolley” mural was created after a series of community brainstorming sessions that gave direction, research and inspiration to artist, Jim Gloria. Students from Totts Gap Arts Institute’s Heritage Mural Education Program, along with a resident of Front Street, executed the design in June of 2014.

As with prior Heritage Murals, "The Trolley” was painted on a prepared, hydraulic lime stucco base, creating a breathable, flexible substrate. Water-based mineral colors were chosen for their compatibility, permeability and light-fast qualities. The soft, matte qualities of the paint contribute to the nostalgic and inviting feeling.